By Sasha LoPresti

The Beauty Benefits of Tremella Mushroom

Did you know that tremella mushroom is regarded as a natural alternative to hyaluronic acid thanks to its incredible hydrating properties? This is due to its small particle size that penetrates deep into the skin, coupled with an extraordinary ability to carry along a tremendous amount of water. Through this process it delivers the nourishment and hydration that your skin deserves. But this isn't all. Let’s take a look at the numerous skin benefits of tremella mushrooms.

What Is Tremella Mushroom?

Tremella mushroom, aka snow mushroom or silver ear, has been used for thousands of years in Asian medicine and cuisine for its numerous beauty benefits. Its scientific name is Tremella fuciformis, and it’s rich in fatty acids as well as Vitamins A, C and D. Western medicine and the skincare industry have begun to realize how important and effective tremella mushrooms can be in natural skincare, which is why it’s nicknamed the “beauty mushroom”. Its ability to deliver hydration and nutrients to the skin makes tremella mushroom an ideal skincare ingredient for dry, sensitive and even acne-prone skin types.

Benefits of Tremella Mushroom for Skin

  • Hydrates the skin: Did you know that tremella mushroom might be even more effective than hyaluronic acid (HA) at hydrating the skin? Not only does tremella mushroom contain polysaccharides, but it can also hold up to 500 times its weight in water and is excellent at drawing moisture into the skin. Its particle size is smaller than HA, allowing it to penetrate the skin more easily and deliver more intense hydration. In dry climates, this is a game-changer!
  • Repairs and strengthens: Tremella mushroom is loaded with Vitamin D, and when applied topically, it can help with a variety of functions such as cellular growth and wound repair. This makes it an excellent ingredient to treat acne-prone skin and other problematic skin conditions. It may also help to prevent premature aging and dark spots caused by sun exposure.
  • High in antioxidants: Tremella mushroom is filled with antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and may protect the skin from the environmental effects of stress and pollution. A 2018 study showed that the antioxidants in tremella mushroom may support collagen production and increase elasticity in the skin. The result is healthier, more youthful skin. A beauty mushroom indeed!

How to Use Tremella Mushroom

  • For your skin: To experience the full skincare benefits of tremella mushroom, we recommend using Amame’s Raspberry and Marula Hydrating Cream with Tremella Mushroom. It promotes collagen production and elasticity in your skin while combating the effects of aging, and it’s great for sensitive and acne-prone skin types. A little goes a long way. Gently rub a dime-size amount onto your face, neck and chest every morning and evening. Follow it up with some SPF in the morning for extra protection from the sun.
  • For your diet: In addition to skincare benefits, tremella mushrooms can provide many health benefits when consumed (i.e. supporting bone health, brain health and gut health) and are often found in dried form. Here are some tips on cooking tremella mushrooms.

Side Effects of Tremella Mushroom

There are no known major side effects of using tremella mushroom on your skin. However, it's important to consult your doctor before using a new skincare product, particularly if you are pregnant or have any other health conditions. We also recommend always testing new skincare products on a patch of skin first before applying more liberally.

Amame focuses on natural, safe products that our customers can feel good about using. Tremella mushrooms are a great way to add natural hydration to your skin and prevent the effects of aging. In addition to providing hydration, our hydrating cream is certified cruelty-free, made in a solar-powered facility and uses a vegan formula. We love waking up every day knowing that our skin will feel great and that our products are ethical! 


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